Exhibition “It Feels Like I’ve Been Here Before” at Castelnuovo Fotografia (Italy) 22.06.2024

“It Feels Like I’ve Been Here Before” curated by Camilla Carè. “Between 2019 and 2020, Ristori traveled through the United States, visiting Nevada, Arizona, and California. Eleven hundred and eighty miles through a landscape both unfamiliar and yet familiar, slipping into view like a film seen before. Like a photograph or a fraternal book, like a dream already dreamt.” The show will be on until June 30th 2024.

Exhibition “Flight Crossing” at Galleria Alberto Sordi (Italy) 09.04.2024

“Flight Crossing” commissioned by Uniqlo and the magazine Perimetro will be exhibited in Rome. The project consist in a visual daily diary created by Ristori in Tokyo, meanwhile the city of Rome was explored by Ulysses Aoki. The result is a visual parallel story that connects two different realities like Rome and Tokyo. The show will be on until April 28th 2024.

Exhibition “Sinergie” at Palazzo delle Esposizioni (Italy) 26.09.2023

The project created in Iceland in 2022 will be part of the group show as finalist of the Driving Energy Award 2023 by Terna. The author interpreted the theme of this year, “Praise of balance”, declined on a key axis of Terna’s mission that is the activity that guarantees the balance between the energy produced and consumed throughout the country. The show will be on until October 15th 2023.

Exhibition “Stasi” at Si Fest (Italy) 09.09.2023

The exhibition proposed at the Vecchia Pescheria combines archive and novelty: on one hand images of Savignano from 1968 to the present day, with photos by Mario Beltrambini, Luigi Erba, Guido Guidi, Paolo Monti, Francesco Neri and Francesco Raffaelli; on the other a preview of the recent campaigns conducted in the city by Alma Beccarelli (Hora vera), Noemi Comi (Steli granitiche) and Benedetta Ristori (Stasi about the relationship between river landscape and human life). The exhibition is on display until September 24th.

Passage Art Residency (Germany) July 2023

Passage Shorts – a new format of the ‘Passage’ Residency Programme. With ‘Passage Shorts’, we want to invite artists to stay and work on a specific theme in the Dübener Heide. We are delighted to welcome Italian photographer Benedetta Ristori as first ‘Passage Shorts’ artist. Benedetta will be photographing during the Splash! music festival on the Ferropolis peninsula. We are pleased to cooperate with GoodLive, the organiser of the festival, for the first round of ‘Passage Shorts’.

Exhibition “L’Italia è un desiderio” at Scuderie del Quirinale (Italy) 01.06.2023

The exhibition presents a wide selection of images, coming from the archives and collections of the Alinari Foundation for Photography and Mufoco – Museum of Contemporary Photography, covering an extremely large period of time 1842-2022: from the dawn of landscape photography to the contemporary. The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue and will be displayed until September 3rd 2023.

Exhibition “My Witness is the Empty Sky” at Plato Gallery (Portugal) 10.12.2022

Body, landscape and place. A place is a space occupied by a body, its position, order and time. The landscape is the extension of territory that the gaze can reach. It contains, covers and becomes a spectator of the body that occupies that place.‘My Witness Is The Empty Sky’, Plato’s second group show, proposes a reflection on the landscape as a witness to our action. This curatorial project starts from this premise and explores the territories of emptiness, solitude, and nostalgia.