Crossing places and atmospheres studied only on books and explored for the first time, the result is that of a circular journey, which leads the author to reflect on what we decide to see and then choose to tell, on the common thread that accompanies us. The fil rouge – a term that Goethe uses in The Elective Affinities – is that continuous line that connects the things of the world, people, what happened and what never happened. Made up of details, by nature it acts as a bonding agent: combining events, synaesthesiae, symbols, and between the case and chaos tends to infinity. For this reason, infinity is not abstraction but addition of events and life, between impermanence and continuous flow, between memory and future. It’s precisely this experience of fusion between memory, present and future, which forms a sort of link between experiences and places, as if that same road (or path) has already been followed.