Globally we are experiencing an unknown situation. It’s uncertain what awaits us tomorrow and today seems evanescent.
We are waiting for confirmations to determine whether and how to return to the reality that we remember; in the meantime we will have to deal with this new existence.
The comparison that seems more aligned with the current condition is the exploration of a new world, of an unknown country, different from ours in terms of uses, customs and rules.
The constant that clearly continues to accompany our journey is that of distancing oneself from the other. As soon as our personal freedom was restored to us, after an initial moment of adjustment, we experienced an apparent return to normal relationships. However, this apparent semblance hides a latent fear of contact. Even if our life is again made up of social interactions, the alternation between contact and distance has become part of our daily lives. The assumption that “my freedom ends where yours begins” has become even more evident, the suspicion that the other may be the cause of my isolation or illness is a crucial news in relationships.The project aims to visually represent this alteration of sensations. A new experimentation of freedom associated with the constant perception of contagion.