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Archive print sale from the series It Feels Like I’ve Been Here Before

This picture is available as part of an exclusive archive print on fine art paper until October 15th 2023.

Title: Point of view (2020)

Original: Medium Format 6×7 color negative film

Paper Size: 50 x 40 cm (19.6 x 15.7 inch) – Image 46 x 36 cm

The number of buyers determines the print run, up to a maximum of 25. After the selling timing the image is no longer reprinted. Prints will be shipped early November 2023. A label signed and numbered by the artist will be attached.

About the picture:

“The Salton Sea, the largest lake in the American Golden State, a few miles from the Mexican border, is a unique and paradoxical story. Starting with his birth, because “the huge accidental lake” was formed by a hydraulic error in 1905, when the waters of the Colorado River were diverted into the Imperial Valley basin. This created a lake that currently extends for almost 1000 square kilometers in a depression of 71 meters below sea level. Without outlets, the Salton Sea is mainly fed by wastewater and agricultural, full of pesticides, while the thermal conditions determine a high evaporation and a salinity rate higher than that of the Pacific Ocean.

It’s hard to believe that once upon a time in that immense surface of brackish water now forgotten, in that water hopes of glory and well-being were mirrored. During the fifties and sixties the salt lake was in fact known as the “American Riviera”, an exclusive holiday destination that offered water skiing, fishing, regattas and golf tournaments in fields painstakingly removed from the sand.”

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