Per-order “East” – The Book

After three years of work, the series East, is coming to the end

The final goal of this project is to produce a photographic book with 60 photos from the project

If you want to know more about it and contribute to make it happen you can pre-order your copy supporting the crowdfunding on Indiegogo

Just click on this link and choose the option that more fits with you

If you’ve already  purchased your : Special Edition + 50x70cm print option these are the images that you can select for the print. Just send an email to with the reference number of the picture that you want

Thank you!

Picture n.1

Picture n.2

Picture n.3

Picture n. 4

Picture n.5

Picture n. 6

Picture n. 7

Picture n.8

Picture n.9

Picture n.10

Picture n.11

Picture n.12

Picture n.13

Picture n.14

Picture n.15

Picture n. 16

Picture n. 17

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